Sapphire glass

Rocket proof glass?

Sapphire glass has a resistance of  2000 HV – 2X as much as mineral glass


This means the glass stays in excellent condition for several years after purchase. Not only that but it adds value over time due to its strong frame.

The simplicity and shininess that come from this elegant piece of glass will make you look like an ambitious man who knows what he's doing in any realm of human endeavor.


The so-called sapphire glass is the most resistant to scratches, although the name is somewhat misleading, since sapphire glass is not actually glass. Rather, it is a synthetic product, which is manufactured from high-purity synthetic aluminum oxide using the complex, so-called Verneuil process.

Sapphire glass has a hardness of around 2000 HV – twice as much as mineral glass.Sapphire glass can therefore only be scratched by a few materials, including real diamond with 4,500 to 10,000 HV. For comparison: stainless steel comes to about 220 HV.


8215 Myiota Movment

From samurais to toyotas ...The Japanese have one reputation...DURABILITY.

Let me present the 8215 Myiota Movment

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Sapphire Glass

The French people have a lot of proud moments Either it's the warlord Napoleon ....or


sapphire glass has a resistance of 2000 HV =2X stronger than mineral glass

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Introducing 316L stainless steel, as we all guessed this watch will never ever in human time rust or suffer from corrosion.

This braclet could be left in the TRENCHES with titanic for 1000 years and it would be unfazed.

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