Automatic Movments

8215 Miyota

Introducing the 8215 Miyota. 

Japan has had a long history of making reliable metal objects.

Either if it's making Katanas to samurais so they can invade the Mongolian empire.

Or if it's building a reliable Toyota.

We have taken the spirit of the Japanese and forged this movement.

With the accuracy of a highly experienced sword-throwing Japanese SAMURAI   

This is the closest that you will ever come to accurate time and little to no maintenance.



8215 Myiota Movment

From samurais to toyotas ...The Japanese have one reputation...DURABILITY.

Let me present the 8215 Myiota Movment

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Sapphire Glass

The French people have a lot of proud moments Either it's the warlord Napoleon ....or


sapphire glass has a resistance of 2000 HV =2X stronger than mineral glass

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Introducing 316L stainless steel, as we all guessed this watch will never ever in human time rust or suffer from corrosion.

This braclet could be left in the TRENCHES with titanic for 1000 years and it would be unfazed.

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